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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 19, 2017 2:00am-2:03am CET

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thoroughly to kill microorganisms. keep food safe temperatures of the cold to prevent bacterial growth. use safe water and safe well materials to avoid kentucky. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and home by plying the five keys to see for who use them you also have a role to play. tens of thousands of demonstrators have been rallying in zimbabwe's capital harare to demand the resignation of president robert mugabe this comes as his traditional
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supporters have also called on him to step down still under house arrest mugabe has so far remained defiant. gerry adams has announced he's standing down as leader of the irish republican shin fein party and will not contend his parliamentary seat a controversial figure in the one nine hundred eighty s. and the voice of the political wing of the ira adams was later one of the central figures in the northern ireland peace process. an eight hundred thousand leader oil spill in the us state of south dakota has forced the closure of the keystone pipeline which carries crude oil from canada to the gulf of mexico this comes only days before nebraska authorities are to decide whether to allow the controversial keystone x l shortcut to pass through their state. malcolm young a founding member of hard rock band ac d.c. has died at the age of sixty four after a long battle with dementia. the songwriter backing vocalist and rhythm guitarist
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was instrumental in propelling the australian group to global start up. and. there was a furious reaction in germany to the announcement of layoffs and plant closures that engineering giant siemens one of his protested on the streets of well enough that hearing the company would slash an unexpected eight hundred seventy jobs in the german capital alone. i've worked for the company for nearly twenty seven years they can't do this to us just say ok it's over they have to offer alternatives or restructuring measures. every year they present better results now division makes profits like you wouldn't believe.


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